Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Me: A to Z.

I found this on the Lovely Casey Leigh's blog. 
Thought it would be fun to do. And I added a photo from Ty & my engagement photos...

A. age: 28

B. bed size: Queen

C. chore you hate: Dishes, even loading the dishwasher.

D. dogs: Mocha (who lives with Ty's sister at the moment)

E. essential start to your day: Coffee, decaf please I can't do caffeine but I love the taste & smell of coffee.

F. favorite color: Turquoise & navy 

G. gold or silver: Silver

H. height: 5'7"

I. instruments you play: I took piano & guitar lessons but can't play either fluently

J. job title: mama, writer, blogger

K. kids: Scarlett, my little love

L. live: New York

M. married: This June!!! eek!

N. nicknames: Lala 

O. overnight hospital stays: once for the birth of Scarlett & once when she got sick :(

P. pet peeve: when people don't listen

Q. quote: "You can be whatever you want. The world is full of oppurtunities, but I think the most important thing to be, is happy."
~Lauren Hutchinson

R. righty or lefty: righty

S. siblings: 2 sisters, one younger, one older

T. time you wake up: Whenever Scarlett wakes up, usually 8 am

U. university attended: None

V. vegetables you dislike: canned peas

W. what makes you run late: myself. I have horrible time judgement

X. x-rays you’ve had: Dentist 

Y. yummy food: Chocolate pretzels, Mallomars, Vegetable lasagna, tofu scramble & taco salad.

Z. zoo animal favorite: Lions & Monkeys

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