Friday, November 9, 2012


I had something else planned for today, but instead, my heart was heavy and I decided to post this.
Last night, as I lay in my snug bed with heat warming my toes and blankets covering my body, I was looking through my Facebook to catch up with family. My little sister's boyfriend, Peter, (shown below in middle- helping in NYC) is a Sergeant in the army and his unit was sent to New York City to help with the devastation that was hit with Hurricane Sandy. In upstate New York, we were lucky to have only had power outages. But others weren't so lucky.
He posted this:

"I'm not sure what the news agencies are reporting back home, but the coastline NYC area is devastated. Anything you folks can do to help these fellow Americans out should be greatly appreciated."
"To call this place a mess is such an understatement, particularly the impoverished areas. The overall utilities infrastructure is going to take months to repair. There was a five plus foot waterline that covered every home and building in our area. Every car parked on the street was destroyed.....And the poverty stricken areas have it worst. They literally have nothing except the food, water, blankets and occasional supplies that we can provide. Anyone that has the opportunity to volunteer time to help rebuild this place should feel honored to do so."

After reading his post, I felt uneasy and I did a little research. The news has been so filled with politics and the election that people have forgotten how bad it still is for those affected by Sandy. It's still tremendously devastated in a lot of areas.
Sandy killed more than 100 people in 10 states. Many people are going on day 11 with no power. No heat. Now, with nor 'easter, Athena hitting, the death toll will most likely rise. This is heartbreaking. "By early Thursday, more than 292,700 homes and business in New York state were without power, and another 403,000 in New Jersey lacked electricity. In some areas, the numbers began climbing again Wednesday evening." People are STILL dying.

How we can help? 
Peter said, "The organizations that I've seen doing the most follow; Red Cross shelters are scattered throughout the city, and seem to be doing everything they can. World Vision is always good. Also, the ASPCA has been out in force with dog and cat food, and have been going street by street looking for abandoned animals. Last, Doctors without Borders have been in the more poverty stricken areas assisting sick and injured children and elderly."

I have listed links for some ways to donate. Even small donations will help.

(You can also text-give to the Salv. Army by texting the word "STORM" to 80888 & confirm the donation withe the word "yes") 


  1. oh my goodness Lauren, everything else by the media has taken over and it seems like nobody else is talking about Sandy anymore. these pictures are devastating! i can't even imagine not having power for heat around this time of year. my heart goes out to all of them. :( to think all the money that was spent on the election when it could've been used for times such as this. heartwrenching.

  2. oh my gosh this is so sad!

  3. I had no idea how bad Sandy was. Thank you for posting this, I will be sharing it as much as I can to help spread the word!!!

  4. Thank you for such a great post...I have shy'd away from posting photos/images because my blog is strictly fashion...but i have made mention of it w links to donate in the past few posts...
    I live at the Jersey Shore and my family/home is fine aside from no power for 13 days and a few trees down...but my aunt and extended family who live closer to the beach lost business, homes, cars EVERYTHING...picking up and rebuilding is gonig to be a long hard journey for them.
    So great of you to shed some light and humanity on the storm and devastation is caused.


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