Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome Fall.

I am so excited for fall!
I adore apple cider donuts, cornstalks on porches, sweaters and boots, the smell of apple pie and drinking hot cider. 
There is something about being cuddled under a cozy blanket with Ty.  
The window open, bringing in a cool breeze.
I love leggings, scarves and hot cocoa. 
The sound of crunching leaves under my boots, the smell of crisp air, and weekend drives 
through scenic country roads.
I can't wait to take Scarlett on her first hayride.
Well, we did bring her once last year but she was too small to enjoy it. 
This year, she will definitely appreciate it.
I am welcoming fall with open arms.
Last week, I took Scarlett to the Pumpkin Patch and let her play with her friend Chloe.
It's so cute to see them play together. What about you? What is your favorite thing about fall time? 


  1. Those pictures are too cute!

    My favorite things about fall are warm apple cider, skinny jeans with riding boots, crisp fall air, pumpkin everything, and Auburn football!

  2. oh my gooosh! so sweet! :) i love scarlett's leg warmers!!! ;) stylish little baby girl!

    i am so excited about fall too! (unfortunately... this year i don't get much fall weather or fall activities... but that will just make them THAT MUCH BETTER next year! :) )

  3. These pictures are PERFECTION! Her little outfit, I mean - I want those leg warners! What a fun day! I love all the things you love too except it's not quite time here! We are still in the 100's! I'm welcoming fall, I just need it to hurry up! :)

  4. What little cuties!

    My fall favorites: I love sweaters, leggings, boots, and pumpkins!



  5. They're adorable! I'm so ready for fall!

  6. I love all things fall!

  7. So adorable- I wish we had a place like that here.

  8. I'm starting to enjoy fall more this year just bc of the weather, the love in the air the pumpkin patches, baking and the holiday fun that comes along with it.

  9. Fall is so romantic...I'm not sure which is my favorite - fall or winter, but they are both so cozy and full of memories. I loved the photos - omygosh, are those legwarmers?! Adorable!! Her and Chloe are so's like you can tell what they're thinking as they look at one another. :)
    Happy fall, Lauren!!

  10. Dying for the leg warmers. DYING!!! She is adorable. Too bad we aren't closer or we would have to swap baby clothes. Love all of your DD's clothes.

  11. your daughter is incredibly adorable! very cute pictures!


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