Monday, October 1, 2012

Mini Style

I love shopping. Most gals do.
When Scarlett was born, my love for shopping kept on growing. Now I had two to shop for.
Scarlett's style is as eclectic as mine. I tend to wear whatever my mood draws me to.
I don't have a particular style and this happens to be how I dress Scarlett, as well. Usually, Scarlett ends up wearing
an outfit that reflects mine well. Or vice-versa.

My favorite stores to splurge:
My favorite stores to save:
Thrift Stores
Vintage Stores
Flea Markets
H&M for Baby
Mini Style

Mini Style

3) Monsoon Poncho, Colored CordsLayer Fringe Boots 4) Fashion Tee, Track Pants, Minnetonkas, Fawn Headband, Flutter Sleeve Dress, Ugg Biker Boots 

I generally don't spend a lot of money on Scarlett's clothes. Sometimes I splurge on a few items that she can use often. But the majority of the clothing that I buy for Scarlett, is inexpensive. I try to find pieces that Scarlett can wear over and over again. For example, Scarlett's Minnetonka's were a bit pricey, but she can wear her moccasins through all four seasons. Mixing and matching also helps save money on buying more than necessary. Sometimes, I put leggings under a dress so Scarlett can wear a dress in colder weather, too. Or leggings under shorts. Style for mini gals doesn't have to be expensive, it's all about deciding what pieces you should splurge on and what items you should save on. I can almost always find a great outfit at a second-hand store for both me and my mini babe. I tend to splurge on shoes and layering basics. I tend to save on items that I know she will only wear a few times (summer clothes that won't fit her next summer). Style to me is important because it reflects personality. Once Scarlett is old enough to choose her own clothes, she can make those decisions. Until then, I'm more than happy to coordinate her outfits for her. 
 1) Black & White Dress: Old Navy, Minnetonkas 2) Tribal Dress: Thrifted, Sandals: Baby Gap 3) Cupcake Dress: Gifted 4) Lace embroidered Top & Leggings: H&M 5)Striped Tee: Thrifted, Skinny Jeans: Baby Gap Fringe Sandals: TJ Maxx 6) Bon Voyage Tank, Sun hat & Nautical Shorts: Baby Gap


  1. she will be cute just like her momma!!

  2. She is so precious and I just love all of her little outfits!

  3. I love all of her (and your :)) outfits!

  4. What a cutie!! You've picked out some awesome threads for her - adorbs!
    Nikki at

  5. You & the babe are seriously adorable! AACK you're making me want a little girl now! :)

  6. That little poncho and those tribal boots...I could pop!
    Scarlett is a fashion plate just like her mama! Always love your photos!

  7. Absolutely adorable! Little girls are so much fun :)

  8. Your daughter is so adorable!! I love how you both compliment each others outfits. :)

  9. Your little one is adorable, love how your outfits work together!

  10. Cute outfits! Your little one is adorable!


  11. One of the funnest parts of being a new mom with a baby girl must be in dressing them. I love how you two coordinate together. Darling.

    Cable Car Couture

  12. She is most definitely one well dressed little dame!

  13. These are just the more adorable photos ever. I love dressing both my kids in various styles as well.
    Visiting from Monday Mingle.

  14. I'm the same way with my little girl Tallulah, she has that same shirt as Scarlet in the top photo!

  15. She's gorgeous. Thanks for picking 'Udder' for one of your stores to splurge in!


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