Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Pieces of Life.

1.This past weekend, Scarlett and I accomplished a 5k with our good friends, Cassie & Chloe. We walked from our house to the race, so it ended up being more like a 10k. We were blessed with a beautiful day. The weather was perfect. Not too cold, not to warm. The temperature was ideal for a race. Scarlett did great. She loved the fresh air and waved hello to everyone that we passed by.
2.Scarlett is learning space and capacity....Haha.
3.Baby dolls are becoming more and more visual in this home. I am pretty sure that I know what's on Scarlett's Christmas list. She reminds me so much of myself when I was little.
4. My love...I really don't need to tell everyone again,  but I will. He's wonderful. I love him beyond words. A few days ago, I was in a bit of a mood. Just one of those mornings that started off bad and kept heading in that direction. He has a soul like no one I have ever met. He is so patient with me. I need that. He steps away from me when I need space. He comes back to me just when I need to be held. He knows me well. As time passes, it only confirms that we were made for each other.
5.A wandering little girl took advantage of an outing in the park. I get my work out while chasing this girl.
6. Scarlett can't go past the bike section without stopping to test them out ;) At Dick's Sporting Goods, Daddy helped her learn how to peddle. I can't believe she already wants to ride tricycles! Oh Scarlett, where did the time go? Just a reminder to cherish each minute you give me sweet little babe.
7.Ty, being the thoughtful man that he is, made a mini pancake stack for our growing girl. Her appetite has been large and I'm thankful for that.
8. I've never mentioned it before but Ty is in a MC club. (Motorcycle club) He has been a part of one since before I met him. Of course when I first met him, my wild frame of mind thought it was attractive. I loved joining him on rides and speeding down winding roads without a care in the world. When Scarlett was born, my mind frame changed dramatically. Not that I don't like bikes, contrary. It's just now, I think, "What will happen to Scarlett if something happens to us?" And therefore, I don't spend as much time on the bike as Ty does. Realistically, anyone of us could wake up in the morning and get into a car accident just as easily. Ty even debated quitting the MC club, but with his old-fashioned morals and deep passion, he decided he didn't want to leave his MC family. I respect that. And I trust that he drives with caution and with Scarlett in mind. Besides, he does look rather handsome on his bike. Yes, I am a Sons Of Anarchy fan.
9. Autumn is here. I love that we can take morning walks and collect some nature for my little curious one.
10.Ty has been really busy working, boxing and joining a local fire department here in NY. I spend a lot of time with my Scarlett. Most of the day, it's just me and her. Like a small team. We go to her playgroups, we go to the gym, we stop at the Library for storytime, we play together and we shop together. I know that I won't always be able to stay home and just relax and enjoy life with my Peanut. I'm soaking it up now. 


  1. Wow, I love the color of the bike! I totally understand about the danger and although my husband wants a Harley we have 6 kids, 3 under the age of 8. I don't need that kind of worry!! lol. I love the days I get to spend one on one just enjoying my daughter who will be 3yrs old in 15 minutes. She's the only one at home during school days and she's such a joy. I haven't been by your blog in a while but I'm glad to have followed you for your Tuesday 10. :)

  2. Look like you're having a great fall!

  3. Great pics!...stopping in from Emily's Embrace

  4. Great post :) Your little girl is such a beauty, have a great weekend!

    xoxo andrea

  5. So funny that you posted about the "Sons of Anarchy" show. I thought the vest was familiar!!!! We just got hooked on the show. As always Scarlett looks adorable!!!!! Enjoy your time with Scarlett it flies by!!!! My daughter is 21 now and I miss the days of baby dolls. Blessings,Sara

  6. It looks so pretty where you are! I'm missing fall something fierce this year. And how cute is your little girl?!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  7. Congratulations on the 5/10k!! I bet it felt wonderful!! Scarlett's star sweater is precious...she is always so full of life and it!! Wishing you and your loves a wonderful weekend ahead! Xoxox

  8. Your little one is so beautiful!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, friend :)


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