Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Can Tell A Good Story.

Written By: Lauren Hutchinson 
 Copyright 2012 © Lauren Hutchinson 

The feeling appears.
Here it is, again. It fell from nowhere and landed in my lap after all these years.
I hate that sound.
And I just don't understand why you keep comin' around.
You don't have to be standing in front of me to be here.
A few words and you appear.
I can't unravel why you want to come back.
Or why it matters now, after we fell so far off track.

You had flings; I said things.
You did wrong, I sang that same old song.
I hit you, You turned your cheek. You were strong, I was weak.
I could see, you loved her like mad. You couldn't see, you were all I had.
I screamed hate and you manipulated my fate.
You spit venom so well. I paid you back with farewell.
You couldn't move your pawn. And so, I moved on.

It will never matter like it used to. Not tomorrow, not tonight.
We both know I can tell a good story anyway....right?

So why come around...come around once more?
You just gotta put one more foot in that door.
Like that old train that stopped running years ago.
I guess I should know.
Just one sentence brings back more than it should.
It's made of everything bitter and nothing good.

Why bring it back? Why not leave me alone like that one day
when I walked into an empty house; you were already so far away...

Our actions were enough. There's no more to be said.
What we's more than dead.
There's no such thing as love in what we used to be.
There's no such thing as love, in you and me.
Summer ended; I'm living in my fall.
Please tell me why you gotta say anything at all?!

'Cause I'm still there.
I'm still there, where you don't want my ghost.
You lost my memory... almost.
It was always one of your fears,
That I'd still be buried deep in there like unshed tears.
Oh honey, long gone are the days that I would share.
And darlin', I'm sorry that I'm still there.

Truth is, we aren't that different in our own peace.
We roar like lions but our hearts are soft as fleece.
I know the reason why you come around after everything's gone cold.
Simple. The answer's written in bold...


  1. This is pretty amazing! Smart move on the copyright! Your blog is just awesome!


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