Sunday, September 16, 2012


I'd like you all to meet Miss Brit from The Yellow Umbrella.
She is one of my featured ads this month and has quite the cute blog....Go ahead and pay her a visit :)
Meet Britt:
   I am a freelance graphic designer who was and continues to be self-taught.
It was actually something I stumbled upon and fell in love with instantly.

My life is full of my two sweet and adorable pups, great books, dark and strong coffee,
having fun, cooking/baking, purses and bags, and of course anything cute!

I am originally from Southern Indiana, yes that makes me think I am southern,
but I know I am really not.  I have however lived in Scranton PA, Houston TX,
and the Washington DC vicinity.  I love the east coast and one day I dream of living in a loft
in NYC...if only I could have my beautiful corn fields surrounding me. :)

I refuse to grow up.  I have tried that and it didn't work for me, so now I am all about having fun
and enjoying every moment in life. 

I love the color yellow.  If I could figure out how everything in my life would be yellow...
ok maybe that isn't exactly true but I do love the color.  I also love anything pasta or chocolate. 
Yes, I know most girls do. 

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