Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ripped Jeans Kind of Day.

Today is a ripped jeans kinda day.
I am just about the most versatile person you will ever meet.
Especially when it comes to getting dressed.

If you were to ask me what my style type is, I'd reply, 
"I have absolutely no type of style".
I simply wear what I am in the mood for.

It's like art, in a way.
My mood comes out in my clothing choices.
Somedays, I'm feeling feminine and pretty. 
On that day, I'll most likely be wearing a cute skirt with a pretty top and some colorful sandals.
Sometimes, I'm feeling lazy.
You will find me in cozy shorts, a white ribbed tank and barefoot.
Other days, I'm feeling classy.
On that day, I'll be wearing skinny pants, a blouse with a chic jacket, and pumps.
And days like today, I feel a bit edgy.
Today...is a ripped jeans kind of day.

Ripped Jeans: Target
Heart Top: H&M
Leather Cuff: American Eagle
Leopard Heels: Wet Seal


  1. ripped jeans kind of day = synonym for stunning kind of day.

    just saying. i don't know how old you are (prob younger than me) but I want to look like you... always. oh. my. goodness, miss lauren!

  2. ok yes, leaving 2 comments. will you help a sister out and tell me what a typical day's food intake looks like for you? is that a weird Q? girl you are SO FIT. I try so hard and will NEVER look like you!

  3. Love the shirt! And, I know what you mean. I just wear what I like and feel great in! :)

    Danielle @ Healing the Heaviness

  4. love those jeans!! and your hair is awesome!
    i know whatcha mean about dressing for your mood. i do the same thing. i don't really have a style either. if i see something when shopping and i like it, i buy it and mix it up with whatever i have. it's fun to dress different all the time.
    you rock the ripped jeans!!

  5. I was feeling the ripped jeans today too:) Im the same way style wise, I change it up day to day.

  6. There isn't much I love more than ripped jeans and these are fantastic. I love a simple look too, and the photos are beautiful!

  7. These pictures are absolutely incredible! Loving those ripped jeans :)

  8. Sometimes you just need a ripped jeans day :)
    And I love this shirt!

  9. You look beautiful...I am so jealous of your hair!

  10. Hi:) new follower here! Cute outfit ;)

  11. Love the jeans! I'm a new follower also. Maybe you could come over and check out my blog link-up some time today!

    Wanderlust Wednesdays Link-up

  12. OMG - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. It helps that you are so fit - you'd look great in almost anything! This outfit would be perfect for the NEON Link-up I'm hosting! It's my first time hosting a link-up, and I'm hoping you'll stop by!

    DOUBLE DOG DARE Fashion Link Up: Summer of NEON! Win a PRIZE!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  13. Love this look. I like that my wardrobe reflects my mood. There's a whole lot more variety that way.

  14. i need a pair of jeans like that! and i love that cute top!

  15. Such a great style! Gorgeous pictures, too

  16. I enjoyed the stooping one the most. Great composition. Join each other?

  17. ooops, too fast, I'm #32 at the hop. :D

  18. Super cute & I totally agree. Some days just call for a little edge.

  19. This is so awesome in a casual rock & roll way! love it.

  20. What an amazing style + gorgeous photography. Well it helps that you're gorgeous to start!

  21. Dressing for your mood is the best motto! I completely agree:)

    would love to see some of your clothes on becauseishoptoomuch.com!

  22. This outfit is so cute! It looks great on you!

  23. I love those jeans so much, I've been looking for ripped jeans forever that don't have sucky rips, these look perfect. www.yourstrulyblog.com

  24. I love hearing you don't have a style. What you wear can be art, an expression of who you are. I guess the real question is what do you want that to say. I admit I tend to put myself in a box. Rarely vearing from my typical casual, comfortable and classic ensembles. I do think I need to take more risks. Baby steps!!

  25. Oh M Gee! I totally agree with you. My clothing displays my mood too so I guess I don't have a specific type of style either! LOL! Great look-sexy!


  26. Gorgeous pictures!! I definitely dress by my mood!

  27. Ugh!!!! This outfit is crazy insane gorg!!! You are making me want to have this baby do I can get back intoy dkinnies!!!!! Just stumbling around chechin out my new buddies blog:) and loving it!!!


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