Saturday, August 18, 2012


I am going away for the weekend. I'm packing today and leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow for a long drive to Maine where I'll meet my girls for a, much needed, weekend away. I am in dire need of some friend time with my girls from Mass. Dinner, drinks and laughing sounds good. Ty will be with Scarlett for the weekend. It will be great for them to bond and spend some Daddy/Daughter time together. But...I am a little nervous. I have never been away from Scarlett for this long. In fact, I've never been away from Scarlett for more than a few hours! This will be my first long weekend away from her. I know that Daddy will take good care of her. After all, I've left Ty with a map and directions. I just need to take a couple of days to renew my mind. This trip is just the thing I need. 

Still, I'll miss my little ET running around with a blanket over her head. My daily walks with her and her baby of choice. I'll miss her peek-a-boo in the morning and her cuddles in the evening...I'm such a sap. I know. 


  1. That's just being a good Mama. I have only been away from my two year old overnight twice and it about killed me both times! Try to have fun, Ty sounds like he can handle it!

  2. Have fun on your weekend get away and try not to worry about your to lil loves!!!!

  3. I know how you feel....Brad and I will be leaving in a few weeks for Vegas and I am having so much anxiety about it. I know it's good for us....for me....but it's so hard being away.
    Have fun on your trip and I hope you come back rejuvenated!


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