Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Blonde Sandwich.

I spent this week, as a blonde sandwich. Or to be more detailed, with two fun-loving brunettes. And we had, a blast! Ty's sister Shauna, came to visit us, in New York, for one last summer hurrah before fall attempts to sneak in. Can I just say, that I love her to pieces!? She is the sweetest thing I have ever met. Filled with merriment, audaciousness, and energy. Along with her, she brought Sam, her long time bff, who is just as lovely as her. Our quality time consisted of movies, girl talk, serious shopping, gelato, bikinis by the pool and delicious dinner parties with Ty & Shauna's father. I could have spent an entire month with these girls. But they have returned to Massachusetts and I am back to wedding planning & Scarlett things. I must say, life's pretty lovely right now. 
(From left to right)
Sam: Skirt & Tank: Forever XXI, Sandals: BCF, Purse: Miche Bag
Me: Box Dress: Forever XXI, Boots: 3 Tier Fringe Minnetonka's 
Shauna: Skirt: Madewell, Bangle: thrifted, Boots: TJ Maxx (Similar Here)


  1. Great pictures! Love the "Gossip Girl" pose on the steps. And I especially love your outfit!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time.


  3. Such fun! You girls look like you had a awesome time. I LOVE your outfit - soo pretty and it suites you so well pretty girl!!

  4. followed your link from the anderson crew.
    your pictures are lovely and your daughter is adorable!

  5. Calling by from thisorthatthursday, a fun series of photos.

  6. Love these pics! They are great! Thanks for stopping by monkeys & tutus today! I am following you back!

  7. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!!!!!! Love the photos and outfits!!! Blessings,Sara

  8. There's nothing better than spending time with your close friends.

  9. looks like wonderful times! i love that scarlett got in on the fun! she is a little fashion plate. <3<3<3
    hope you had a great weekend!!

  10. Adorable outfits!
    I just started following your blog!



  11. Awwww. It looks like you all had a grand ole time. What fun!

  12. AMAZING PHOTOS!!! You are the queen!!
    Thank you for linking up with us today!! ♥


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