Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July talk.

Tomorrow is not only my favorite holiday ever, but it is my Scarlett's 14 month birthday.
Happy 14 months little Peanut!! Look how much she's grown!
What is everyone doing for the 4th? Cookouts? Fireworks? Pool Parties? Parades?
This all sounds so exciting.
And this is what we will be doing, as well.

I told Ty that I want to go on some vacations this summer/fall.
He told me to start looking for some weekend getaways.
So that is what I have been doing the past couple of days.
We are going to the ocean in New Hampshire in a couple weeks.
We are going to a wedding in Independence Harbor end of July.
And a weekend with my girl friends in York Maine in August.

So that is a start to some vacations.
Maybe this fall we'll take a week and go to sunny Florida!!
We'll see....
Scarlett is feeling better. Thank you all for your gracious comments and wonderful emails!
They seriously made me feel so loved and I am so thankful for such amazing readers!
She has a few teeth coming in, on top of all of the other stuff going on, so she's had a pretty rough few days.

We've been doing a lot of lounging and cuddling with movies.
I'm just about to get off of the computer and go cook Haystacks for dinner.
I use this recipe HERE if anyone wants a delicious taco salad/haystack recipe.
I hope you all have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!


  1. She is so precious! I always go to the same friends house in my hometown on the 4th--her parents buy thousands of dollars worth of fire works and cater in from a bar-b-que place in town. I always have fun! I hope you have a great holiday!

  2. happy 14 months to sweet scarlett! i love her baby photos.
    i hope today is filled with joy and fun and relaxation!
    it sounds like you have a lot of wonderful getaways to look forward to!
    wishing you fireworks and fun, lauren. <3

  3. Your gonna be a busy momma over the next few weeks / month. Enjoy the day chicka and I hope you have a fabulous 4th of July with the fam!!!!!!!

  4. awww happy 14 months baby girl!! ;)


  5. so precious! love your blog - now following
    Xo Megan


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