Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pieces of Life Lately.

     I feel like Mondays are coming more and more quickly lately. The weekends are not nearly long enough for my liking. What have we been doing lately? Well, we traveled from NY to MA on Thursday night while Scarlett slept. We attended one of my dearest friend's wedding in Boston, on Friday. While I drank only water, I watched others around me with drink after drink. I discovered that I do not miss drinking or hangovers, but I do miss dancing, entirely! And I've made it a promise to go dancing more often.

     We brought Scarlett to a Summer Solstice Festival on Saturday. We bought her the sweetest hand-made Hello Kitty baby. Then, we stopped at Ty's old stomping grounds, the Fire Station, to meet up with some of his old co-workers. My Scarlett is NOT shy. She flirted her way through the fire fighters, climbing up their boots and smiling.

     Saturday evening, we caught up with friends and did dinner, drive by fire works and a movie. Adult time is much needed on my part. I have been thinking about that a lot the past week or two. How much I miss working. Ok, let me rephrase. I wouldn't give up raising Scarlett for the world, and I love that I have had the chance to write more, but once in a great while, I still miss getting up in the morning, making a cup of coffee and heading out to work with my old co-workers. Or maybe it is the adult interaction I miss. Either way, I never stop wishing that I had more friends in New York. I also wish that I could move all my friends from Mass to New York, but that seems like the most unlikely of the two, to happen...Ha.

     Sunday was Father's Day and we began the morning by giving Daddy his Father's Day card. Then we spent the rest of the day at my sister's camp with my father. Scarlett got to play with a little friend. It was nice. She doesn't get to play with many other children either. Then, while we lounged by the pool, Ty had to pack up and head back to New York. I sat sad-faced when the good-bye kiss came. That is an inevitable occurrence when Ty leaves. I literally feel like a piece of me is missing/aching when he is away from me. I stayed behind to take care of a few things and visit some family before heading back to New York in the next couple of days.

     To distract ourselves, we are backpacking, taking nature walks, visiting with my sister and Scarlett's cousin and soaking up some vitamin D. Scarlett started walking last Wednesday so I'm busy busy with my little mover.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love all of these pictures. Your dress is gorgeous!

  2. Love the sandals and blue toes!

  3. What an eventful weekend! Sounds fun though! I love your sandals! Gorgeous! Oh, and the pedicure too!

  4. I worked the first two years of Ava's life and now that I'm home I loooove being with her, but I also really miss talking to adults. It's a hard balance!

  5. Totally agree with the drinking thing- I wrote a post about it even :P

    That's pretty exciting that Scarlett started to walk- sure would bring about a change in your day!

  6. congratulations on your lil' exciting! it sounds like you enjoyed a very productive and fun weekend! i love the way you write and share your emotions.
    love the sandals. love the photos of scarlett. love your style.
    have a happy day!


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