Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Red White & Blue at The Zoo.

All week I had been thinking about where we could bring Scarlett for some fun this weekend. 
Ty picked up the movie "We bought a Zoo" from Redbox and we watched it Sunday evening, after Scarlett went to sleep. Really good movie. I especially love movies that are based on true stories. 

So I woke up on Memorial Day and said to Ty, "Let's bring Scarlett to the zoo." 
Like a good hubby he googled a small zoo that wasn't far from us.  We packed up our red, white, and blue wearing baby and headed out. She LOVED it! I thought maybe she would be too young to care. Not the case. My heart went pitter patter when she laughed at the goats who began butting each other. She giggled at the peacock who followed us through the zoo and she looked in amazement at the friendly duck who approached us.  
She loved feeding the bears and couldn't quite figure out why on earth the monkeys kept dropping their cans on chains down from their loft. As we filled them with food and they pulled them back up, the monkeys chattered and Scarlett smiled. 
All is right in the world when Scarlett smiles. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. 

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  1. Isn't the zoo just the greatest? It looks like you had the place to yourselves.

  2. Oh fun, I LOVE THE ZOO! You and your little girl look SO cute too! Her outfit is to die for! :)

  3. Taking little ones to the zoo is always so much fun. That zoo looks like everything is nice and close. Perfect for little ones!

  4. ahhh, these photos are so sweet and beautiful.
    scarlett is so precious in her red, white and blue. you can see her imagination working in each photo.
    you take such gorgeous photos and make such sweet memories.

    ps...i want that peacock for a pet!


  5. hi there! new to your blog and the blogging world in general :) so happy to have stumbled across this blog! you have a beautiful family and i can't wait to read further :)


  6. Wonderful pictures. We took our little girl to the zoo on Friday and she absolutely loved it. Great place to spend time with the little ones :-)

  7. Ahhh, it looks like you had a lovely day. The photos are absolutely gorgeous. We love a trip to the zoo, our little guy is always fascinated by all the different animals. X

  8. How sweet are these photos. I cannot wait to take my baby girl to the Zoo.
    Fabulous outfit....

    I would love to have you over at Little Miss Mama and see what I wore today with the $8 Peplum Top I just made {thanks to a HUGE Old Navy Sale}.

    Stop by and say "hi" when you get a chance.



  9. Sounds perfect! Great pictures :)

  10. I so need to find a zoo in my new town! Thanks for the inspirations!

  11. Love these her outfit is so cute. Love the last shot i think its my favorite!

  12. Stopping by from Embrace the Camera. These are really great pictures!

  13. These are such great zoo pictures! I took Judah a few months ago and he was only interested in the Llama who was only interested in trying to eat the hat off his head ;-)


  14. Stopping by This or That Thursday. Looks like you guys had a great time! Lovely pictures!

  15. she seems way more into it than my baby was a couple of weeks ago when we went! such pretty pictures!

  16. What a great Mommy you are. My baby is 12 now and he still LOVES the zoo. Honestly, if we went every day in a row for a month, he would want to go again! I am glad you had fun. LOVE her little outfit. She is the sweetest.

  17. Zoos are magical places when you're a child! The pics look fab!

  18. You look to have had a wonderful day at the zoo and what a cute outfit as well

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots this week


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