Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tees & Skirts.

     I am fond of plain, old tees with skirts that are a little more dressy. I think that they play off of each other nicely for a laid back but chic look....What are your thoughts on tees with skirts?
Pretty Skirts With Tees

$24 -

Scotch Soda vintage shirt
€36 -

Graphic t shirt
$25 -

Dorothy Perkins long striped skirt
$35 -

Billabong long tiered skirt
$41 -

Dorothy Perkins green skirt
$27 -

Rip Curl leather shoes
$40 -

H&M suede shoes
£15 -

Topshop clutch handbag
$16 -

Armani Exchange chunky jewelry
$19 -

Miso antique gold jewelry
£6 -

Miso disc earrings
£6 -

H&m sunglasses
£4.99 -


  1. The t-shirt with a skirt look is one of my favorites. I'm rocking it today-my favorite Rolling Stones T with a brilliant red pencil skirt and dressy sandals. :) So nice, it goes from office to home to dinner flawlessly and that is so important with a toddler.

  2. LOVE skirt and t shirt looks - sooo so cute!

  3. I love that long dorthy perkins skirt! Let me know where I can send my address so you can just ship that all my way :)

  4. Hi Lauren!
    OH MY GOSH I ♥♥♥ your blog! I just stumbled upon it and am so glad! What a breath of fresh air! Your attitude and spirit are so sweet...and reading your story how you and your sweetie met is just so awesome! What a great love story! Your little girl is just precious. I can't wait to come back and visit again!
    Have a great day!
    PS--I'm your newest follower! :)

  5. ohhh, i LOVE that look. it is so fun and casual yet edgy in just the right way.
    i'm so happy it's starting to warm up. i plan on living in maxi dresses and flowy skirts.
    i hope you're doing well, rebecca <3

  6. I love it! Now I need to go shopping for some skirts :) The middle outfit is my favorite.


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