Monday, April 9, 2012


I think childhood has a huge impact on who you become as a person.

I remember annual family trips. 
They stick out in my mind as happy memories. 
When I think of my childhood, those family times are what I remember the most.

Still, my family keeps traditional family trips.
Every year, my family goes to a Maple Syrup Shack nestled in the mountains near the Berkshires.
It's a small place called High Hopes Sugar Shack. 
Since I can recall, my family gets together in the early spring and eats breakfast there.
They make their own maple syrup & have a small petting farm.
We always take pictures in their Cut Out Boards.
It's tradition.

This was Scarlett's first year there. 
It was really special to have her there with us,
Joining in on the family outing. 
I want Scarlett to remember these family traditions.
Not just holidays, but things we do as a family.

I am Scandinavian.
My Nana passed her Norwegian traditions on to me.
She taught me how to make Norwegian Rice.
She taught me Norwegian words.
She told me stories.
I love knowing where my background lays.

Most people don't know that Ty is Korean. 
He doesn't look it.
But his grandmother was full Korean, his father half, and thus, Ty is a quarter Korean.
Hopefully, he can teach Scarlett about her Korean background. 
I want Scarlett to know where her heritage lies,
The same way that I know about mine.

When Scarlett thinks back on her childhood,
I want her to remember all the family trips, traditions, & stories.
For her to recall these family traditions as happy memories, will be an amazing accomplishment.

Do you have any family traditions?
I'd love to hear them! 


  1. I love this. Every summer my grandparents take us to Palm Springs. We stay at the same resort. When I was a kid, we would go for almost a month! (Now, we can only usually go for a few days.) My grandparents still go for about 3 weeks though, and they have been for about 30 years!

    I agree with you that it is so wonderful to know your roots!

  2. So sweet! I love family traditions. I am so grateful my grandmothers live nearby!

  3. My grandfather was 100 percent Norwegian. Did you learn to make the bread "lefse"? Did ya ever eat the yucky fish as I called it? He was a short little man with pale blue eyes. I am proud to be Norwegian!

    1. My Nana always made Norwegian Rice, (Rice cooked in milk with sugar and cinnamon) I still love it!

  4. Such a wonderful tradition :) Anthony is all Norwegian! His grandma makes lefse and lutefisk at holidays. Scarlett has such a beautiful mix of cultures. She'll have a lot to be proud of :)

    1. Is he really?! Yes, grandmother was born in Norway and married my grandfather who was born in Sweden. I wish my grandparents had blogs like everyone now days, it would be interesting to look back.


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