Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Little Things.


Scarlett has a habit of pulling her socks off every chance she gets. 
Every morning, I find two little socks laying in her crib.
I love those little socks.
Oh, how I love the little things.

The dainty little "Oh yeah" response that Scarlett makes now, when I ask her anything.
The way Ty always takes my hand when we are walking.
The smell of coffee in the morning.
Warm days when I leave the windows & doors open.
 Scarlett clapping my hands.
Flip flops.
Candles burning in the evening.
Beach sand.
Chick Peas.
Ty curling around me in the middle of the night.
The raggedy blankie that Scarlett eats.
Beach bags.
The way Ty smiles at me when he comes home to a cooked meal & clean house.
The way Ty always tries to help with everything even when I say 'I've got it'.
Food cooking on the grill.
The smell of sun tan lotion on skin.
Meal planning.
words on paper.
Scarlett, throwing her toys to the side, to greet Daddy hello.
fresh lemonade.
Little old treasures that I find at the flea market.
The birds chirping outside the window.
My favorite movie that I've watched a hundred times.
Bike rides.
Relaxing on the porch.
The sound of Scarlett reading her books, all her little noises.

When I started thinking of all the things I love the most. I realized, none of them are extravagant things. They are all simple, small details. How I love the little things in life....


  1. The little things in life are so precious. They are what make most days worth it. I love this post and Scarlett is looking adorable, as usual. Hope your week is going well!

  2. I love this list! Such a good reminder :) Aren't their little noises the best? Liam 'reads' too. I could listen to that forever.

  3. she is SO adorable, those cheeks. my gosh, those cheeks. just wanna squeeze them :)

  4. My question is: Can she get any cuter?! Nice list, good to enjoy the little things in life:)

  5. Little things are the best! Love your blog and your style. Thanks for stopping by Eau Mama, btw!

  6. She is very cute, as is your blog. Looking forward to reading more. xx

  7. She`s so beautiful!!! :X tku for following me darling, just followed back :X

  8. Scarlett is so stinking cute! One of my favorite quotes is "Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things".

  9. Such a cutie! She is going o be soo pretty when she grows up just like her mama (:

  10. your daughter is so precious!! what a cutie!!

  11. What a beautiful baby girl you have! I love her green pants, too! I want jeans in that same color, LOL!

  12. This is the cutest post!!! Love the headband she is wearing! She is adorable!

  13. Love your loves! I too love the smell of sunscreen on skin, and meal planning. Hehehe... it really is the little things.

  14. Loved this post. Your little girl is adorable!

  15. she is such a cute baby! shes going to be a total fashionista when she grows up!


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  17. The little things are always what make me smile.


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