Thursday, February 23, 2012

After Her...

By: Lauren Hutchinson Copyright © 2010

He said, "After her, there's nothing that will suffice....
I hate her and she's caused too much pain...."
He said, "After her, color isn't as vibrant. "
Her love was like wild, wild rain.

He said, "She took a man and made a fool of me. But I still want her tangled hair to fall on my face.
And we can live in each other's twisted embrace."

She said she loved him the best but he always doubted her.
He said, "I can't forget all those nights when she loved me like I breathed life to her existence..."
He couldn't live with her; he couldn't live without her.

He said, "I wish I could fight with her again.
 Let her scream angry words, just to watch her beautiful mouth say my name once more..."
He said, "She always had one foot out the door."

He lied to everyone. He said he was fine.
He confessed, "I'd give up many moments, just to watch her sleeping in my bed one last time."

He said, "When she was here, we both drank the bottle to stay sane.
I wished she would leave. I told her to go!"
He said, "But After her, things aren't the same..."

He said, "The smell of her skin, her head in my lap, her mystery, were the things I enjoyed."
All those girls that he took in...they never filled the void.

After her, the sky clouded up and the rain came without asking.
He said, "In my venomous oasis is where I'll stay basking."

Holding the pictures in his hand.
He said, "She left my camera full of her..."
He just didn't understand.

He said "I can still hear the sweet sound of laughter from her."
He said, "...I'm nothing....after her."


  1. These are so pretty! Thanks for linking up with me today!
    Xo Dana

  2. I am a recent follow of yours! Found you again today on The Wonder Forest! Great photos!!!

    Nicole ♥

  3. great pictures! imma new follower! love your blog so far. can't wait to read more.

  4. love these pictures so much =) i finally did my liebster blog thing and linked back to you =) ...(think i did it right)

  5. Those are really beautiful shots!

  6. I stumbled upon your blog. Not reading into anything and not knowing whats it about. I only saw the photos and started to scroll down to read and look at the pics. And I was like "WoW its Madonna". I thought how lucky is this person to be working with her. Awesome. lol. Then I scrolled down and realized, "that's not Madonna". Im so silly. Its totally meant as a compliment because I think she is fantastic and beautiful. So please don't take offense in any way. Your beautiful and I love those pictures and your hair is to die for.

    1. Lol...Thank you. I take that as a compliment. I think Madonna is beautiful too. Although you are the first to tell me I look like her. It's funny, people say I look like someone and it's never the same person. Thank you for stopping by. :)

    2. I enjoyed it, you have a lovely blog. I get the same thing a different celebrity. They are all compliments but I think wow they must have cataracts..Or my usual thought I must be looking good today. LOL! You have a new reader, so ill be back. Take care

  7. I love your photos!!!!! I need a new camera !!!!!! Hopefully soon!!!!! Blessings,Sara

  8. love your blog and pics!!! you are stunning!

  9. following your blog now. i want your hair!

    1. Thank you so much Mindy. I am happy to have you as a follower!

  10. You look beyond perfect in every shot. (:

  11. You are looking very very gorgeous in all the photos and I really like the attitude you carried in all the your camera is simply adorable..!!

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