Monday, January 9, 2012

That Place.

By: Lauren Hutchinson  (Writing: Copyright 2011 ©)

Two different songs…one dance,
It wasn’t planned. We happened by chance.
Two girls who hated each other from the start.
Somehow, we end up in each other’s hearts.
Both very much alone.
Oh…how we’ve grown.
I found you by accident or him....or maybe just by grace?
No matter how, it brought us to that place.

 He was the Big Bad Wolf who lied.
And you were the pretty little soul who cried.
You put your tears inside my palm.
And we sat together calm.
I remember looking in your eyes, your face...
I loved that place.

We were so different, like vinegar and oil.
But the passion just wouldn’t spoil.
Oh we had our days!
You would deny & I’d throw it in your face.
It’s 2 am, we’re drunk and on the dance floor alone.
You’re dancing close & whisper, “Let’s go home.”
Even though we were a chaotic mess,
I still loved you the best.

I gave in and held you close.
Love, was what mattered the most.
Not what they said, not what they thought.
Judgment… is all they brought.
We loved even though it was wrong.
We loved each other strong.
We loved the right way in the wrong embrace.
& I loved that place.

The trouble is, it was doomed from the start.
But after it started, we just couldn’t be apart.
It burned in us like fire.
It’s like pretending, because you can’t deny her.
Even if you only loved me then,
We shared something that no one could comprehend.
Lying next to you felt like grace
and I needed that place.

When I went away, it was for the best.
If I tried with all my words, I couldn’t express,
How I felt or why I had to leave.
In that place, I knew what it was like to grieve.
Standing there, I wiped your tear and said, “Don’t cry.”
How could I tell you that when my eyes weren’t even dry?

Thinking back on us, thinking back to when…
Thinking of my best friend
I was your make-up artist & you made sure I was fed.
Movies, French onion dip and making the floor into our bed.
You would cry over everything, my sensitive sap.
Two bottles of Zin down & you’re in my lap.
Asking me, again, if I love you, just in case…
….how I loved that place.

Sometimes you have to give up something you love just so you can feel again.
That will never mean it wasn't real then. 
Sometimes things don’t go as planned.
It doesn’t mean the love wasn’t, at one time, grand.

…We had a love even if it was black and blue.
& I loved that place with you….

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