Monday, January 16, 2012

Boho Chic Babe

My little love...what Momma wouldn't do.
I'd conquer the world for you.

Little wandering hands & curious eyes...
With you is where the best of my heart lies. 

Baby noises, tiny kisses & little baby smiles. It's what my heart craves.
My little boho-chic Babe...

Blouse: Vintage
Jeans: Wet Seal
Fav Riding Boots: Old Navy (They go with Everything)
Pendant Necklace: Forever21
Flower Ring: Forever21

Dress: Carter's
Jeans: Baby Gap
Boots: Minnetonka Fringe 

Sometimes waking up to life is a hard thing to face...
But you my sweet love; you make my world a wonderful place.


  1. Love your outfits and you are both too dang gorgeous. Not fair!

  2. Lovin the boho chic vibe!

    xo Shane

  3. Lauren, Little ones always brighten up our lives, don't they??? Your little princess is as gorgeous as her momma!!! Love your sense of style and of course love reading your blog.

    Ani Allen
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  4. so so sweet! i am a new follower too!

    :-) jessica

  5. You and Scarlett are both extremely beautiful! I hope I will be as pretty a mommy as you someday, and I hope my baby is as lovely as yours! I also love your outfit btw. Especially the necklace!

  6. SO stylin you two!! Found you thru Casey! I'm your newest follower :)

    The Foley Fam Blog

  7. love both of your outfits!!! Such cute pictures!!

  8. So nice, the pix are wonderful:-)



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