Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas this year.

I am so excited for Baby Scarlett's first Christmas!  You might think that I was the one getting presents this year. But in a way, I am. I'm getting the biggest present of all on Christmas morning. I get to watch Baby Scarlett on her first Christmas. She'll be overwhelmed, I'm sure. And it's quite possible that she won't be able to open all her presents at one time.'s going to be the best present I could get.

Me and Ty mutually decided that we won't buy each other Christmas gifts this year. Besides, I get Christmas presents all year long. If I need something, anything at all, Ty doesn't hesitate to get it for me. I don't need unwrapped boxes to feel happy. Not to mention this rock on my finger is enough of a present for the next 5 years! The money we save is going towards a vacation....most likely a nice honeymoon ;)

This year, Christmas is going to be about what I think it should be about. It will be about spending time with our family. It will be about waking up together, going downstairs for coffee and having breakfast together. We will watch Scarlett light up (and drool) over her gifts.

Christmas is going to be different this year because we will be in New York until a few days before Christmas and then we'll be going back to Massachusetts for the holidays. I went back a couple weeks ago, to our house in Mass, and decorated so that when we come back for the long weekend, it will be warm and inviting. It's been so crazy being all over the place but time will eventually put us where we belong. 

 If you are traveling like us, safe travels! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! I hope it is filled with
Peace, Love & Joy!

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